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Posted on 12-13-2017

Cold Laser Therapy for Recovery at Absolute Balance Chiropractic

cold laser therapy

Our chiropractor in Bettendorf, IA at Absolute Balance Chiropractic recommends cold laser therapy for a number of painful acute and chronic conditions and injuries. Also known as low-level laser therapy, this handheld device operates at a light wavelength that doesn’t increase internal temperatures of the bodily areas it’s contacting. Even though it’s described as ‘cold,’ most patients feel nothing during treatments, yet the pain relief and healing benefits are readily apparent afterwards.

The Benefits of Cold Laser Therapy and How it Works

Cold laser therapy is a quick and painless procedure where the device is gently manipulated across the affected area while emitting healing photon light energy. Its ability to be used on most parts of the body make it an ideal choice for soft tissue injuries, strains, sprains, back pain and so many other conditions. Cold lasers achieve several goals naturally.

They increase serotonin production and stimulate the neuroendocrine system to provide a greater sense of well-being overall. When tissues and cells are exposed to photon energy, their metabolism is boosted to promote the growth and regeneration of collagen, muscle tendons and tissues. Furthermore, the blood flow in the area increases, which helps reduce swelling and pain while injuries and wounds heal faster.

Other Conditions Treated with Cold Laser Treatments

Besides strains, strains and back pain, there are many more common conditions that cold laser therapy can help resolve.

Fibromyalgia and Arthritis Conditions—You can get much-needed relief from the aching in your joints and muscles with cold laser treatments. Imagine increasing your range of motion, eliminate muscle weakness and fatigue, and banish the tenderness and swelling associated with arthritis conditions and fibromyalgia.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome—Excessive typing, mouse operations, playing tennis, golf or other sport that requires constant use of the hands can cause carpal tunnel syndrome due to tendon inflammation. However, certain conditions such as pregnancy, arthritis, diabetes, stress injuries, and hypothyroidism can source these numbing and tingling sensations in the hands and wrists.

Tendinitis—When tendons attach to muscle bone, the affected body parts can become stiff, inflamed, numb or often tingle. Some common conditions of tendinitis are golfer’s elbow, tennis elbow, swimmers and pitcher’s shoulder.

Diabetic Neuropathy—Caused by chronic high blood sugar that destroys small blood vessels, diabetic neuropathy is a painful nerve condition that gets relief from the deep penetration of cold laser therapy.

Leg Ulcers—Skin breaks that allow air and bacteria to penetrate below the tissue can cause leg ulcers, typically the venous type that causes disease in the leg’s veins.

Temporomandibular Disorder (Chronic Jaw Pain) —The most common type of this condition is better known as TMJ, which causes stiffness in the jaw often accompanied by pain and ‘clicking’ sound when opening the mouth.

Contact Absolute Balance Chiropractic for Cold Laser Therapy

If you live near Bettendorf, IA and are looking for a reputable and committed chiropractor experienced in cold laser therapy applications, contact us today at 563-332-6036.

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