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Posted on 06-18-2018

Graston Technique Information Provided by our Bettendorf Chiropractor

The Graston Technique is a method that addresses problems with the soft tissues. It is used to relieve pain in the back and other areas. Our Bettendorf chiropractors at Absolute Balance Chiropractic provide some information about this therapy technique.

Woman suffering from shoulder pain

How Does The Graston Technique Help With Soft Tissue Problems?

Manual therapy involves using the hands or handheld tools to bring about therapeutic results. The Graston Technique belongs to a class of these therapies known as soft tissue instrument-assisted mobilization. This therapy, in particular, helps a practitioner find restricted areas and break up scar tissue. By doing this, the chiropractor relieves unhealthy soft-tissue tension, pulling, and other pain inducing problems.

How Does It Help Mobilize The Soft Tissues?

Chiropractors use special tools to rub against the grain of scar tissue and other problem areas to break up restrictions. This results in small amounts of trauma to the area and sometimes causes a bit of inflammation. The body responds to this by sending more blood to the area. This increased blood flow speeds healing of the affected tissues and reduces pain.

Breaking up scar tissue, tight muscle areas, and other problematic soft-tissue formations relieve unhealthy tension that would otherwise keep the painful areas bound up and reduce the rate of healing. This sort of tension in the soft tissues is also painful, and the pain tends to radiate to nearby areas. Eliminating the problem improves the outcome of the healing process and also allows other parts of the treatment plan to work better.

What Types Of Conditions Have Been Successfully Treated with the Graston Technique?

This technique has been successful in treating neck pain, shoulder pain, golfer's elbow, tennis elbow, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and more. This makes it a very versatile method of dealing with pain that originates in the soft tissues.

Contact Absolute Balance Chiropractic in Bettendorf

To be evaluated for your suitability for the Graston Technique, just make an appointment with Absolute Balance Chiropractic. Schedule an appointment with our chiropractor in Bettendorf by calling (563) 332-6036.

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